Fine Art Framing















Fine Art Framing


Works of art do not exist in a vacuum, their final presentation is critical to the overall experience.  Frequently, the availability of off-the-shelf framing solutions and the corresponding lack of experienced consultation results in framing that detracts, rather than enhances, the presentation.
When you choose to work with Collector’s Art Group you can rest assured that an Artist trained in the field will work closely with you in finding a framing solution that presents your artwork to its fullest advantage.  This solution may include an authentic frame sourced from the same era as your artwork, or a frame specially recreated to reflect that era.  Period accuracy, is one particular competence of Collector’s Art Group , but in consulting with our Artists, we will work to ensure that your framing selection fits your presentation environment.

Once the correct framing solution has been chosen, your artwork will be framed to museum standards with the highest quality materials.  These standards protect you artwork and its lasting cultural value.

-Collector’s Art Group: For the Artist’s Touch-