Art Conservation & Restoration


Our museums demonstrate the longevity of fine art. The works that line the walls of our country’s museums continue to delight the public centuries after they were first painted.  However, not all paintings are given the same care and respect provided by modern museums.

Paintings in the public sector have often been exposed to a variety of damaging environments, which obscure the work’s original appearance and threaten its longevity.

The Artists at Collector’s Art Group respect the significant value art represents in our society and strive to ensure that all works entrusted into their care are given the respect that they deserve.

For this reason, all restoration and conservation at Collector’s Art Group is entrusted to the experienced hands of Terry Boyle.  Mr. Boyle, an artist in his own right, graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati with emphasis on painting and sculpture.  Over the next 30 years he was intimately involved in the creation, presentation, and conservation/restoration of artwork.  As a testament to his skill, many paintings restored/conserved by Mr. Boyle have now joined the revered works displayed in the Cincinnati Wing at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

During his lengthy career in the art world Mr. Boyle has had the opportunity to preserve the works of numerous artists, but his specialty lies in 20th century American paintings.  As one of the premier art conservators in Cincinnati, he has had the opportunity to preserve the works of the great Cincinnati painters including:

1) Frank Duveneck
2) T.C. Lindsay
3) L.H. Meakin
4) C.A. Meurer
5) Elizabeth Nourse
6) Dixie Selden
7) John Henry Twachtman
8) John E. Weiss
9) Herman and Bessie Wessel

Mr. Boyle is committed to providing the finest quality conservation/restoration, and will work closely with you from initial consultation through conservation and final presentation.  You can be sure that by choosing Collectors Art Group your art will be receiving the Artist’s Touch.


-Collector’s Art Group: For the Artist’s Touch-