Many believe that New York, Chicago, and L.A. are the only cities where the artistic elite have the opportunity to display their work, but Collector's Art Group ensures that fine art finds a home in Cincinnati as well. Every quarter, Collector's Art Group hosts an intimate exhibition displaying some of the very best today's art world has to offer.

Past exhibitions have highlighted the impassioned works of locally and nationally recognized artists including Brian Joiner, Edgar Yaeger, and Voss Finn. The Artists at Collector’s Art Group invite you to attend the next exhibition and lose yourself in a room with walls that are more like windows on the world.

For details about current and upcoming shows visit our Facebook page and check out events.



Archived Exhibits:

Ersatz Lascaux
(Paul Thie)

Images Chasing Titles
(Sam Hollingsworth)

(Claire Darley)

Pieced Together
(Lisa Jameson, Lou Kroner & Joan Effertz)

(Stuart Holman

On Edgar's Settee: "The Late Works of Edgar Yaeger"
(Edgar Yaeger)

5 : "Five Local Artists"
(Rich Bitting, Sharon Sellet, Sam Hollingsworth, Fred Zigler, Diane Hotz-Blevins)

Terrain: "Landscapes"
(Kevin Muente

The "I" of the Storm: "Capturing the Elusive Creative Spirit"
(J.D. Biggs, Cole Carothers, Tarrence Corbin, Voss Finn, Jason Franz, Brian Joiner, Kevin Muente, Leslie Shiels, Greg Storer, Heather Stormer, Dana Tindall)

Bombs & Bombshells: "Works by a Crass American Artist"
(J.D. Biggs

Feburary 14: "15 Years Later"
(Terry Boyle, Ballard Borich, Jon J Muth)


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