Josie Kirby, BFA








Josie Kirby

513.587.0220 (ext. 4)

Ms. Kirby is a classically trained artist who recieved her Bachelors of Fine Arts with emphasis on painting from the University of Cincinnati's DAAP program in 2000.

Her specialty at Collector's Art Group is in frame restoration, but she has been exposed to all aspects of fine art framing through her experiences at Collector's Art Group and other fine arts framing boutiques. Ms. Kirby will also personally assist all customers with regard to their accounts with Collector's Art Group.

Ms. Kirby like all the individuals that will care for your art while at the Collector's Art Group is an artist in her own right. If you are interested in her work a link has been provided to her personal blog where a number of her works are showcased.

Ms. Kirby's work is primarily contemporary abstract and focuses with special interest on figure studies and gardens with accentuated textures, colors, forms, and lines. The flow of art is very important to her, and that is why she views framing as so important. An incompatible frame destroys flow. A properly designed presentation is key to the experience.


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