Pieced Together

Six Strings_detail

(Lisa Jameson, Lou Kroner & Joan Effertz)

Featured Artists:
Lisa Jameson, Lou Kroner & Joan Effertz

November 20, 2009 - January 8, 2010

General Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday (9:00 - 5:00 PM)
Saturday (10:00 - 4:00 PM)

Opening Reception:
Friday November 20 (5:00 - 8:00 PM)


Pieced Together
The Art of Lisa Jameson, Lou Kroner & Joan Effertz

Collector’s Art Group, once referred to as a “quaint bohemian gallery,” is pleased to announce PIECED TOGETHER. It is a group show, featuring the artwork of Lisa Jameson, Lou Kroner, and Joan Effertz. Although each artist takes a different approach, all of the work utilizes collage or assemblage. Each of the artists describes their work and process as follows:

Lisa Jameson
Lisa Jameson is the coordinator of the art education program at Northern Kentucky University. She received her MFA in drawing and MA in art education from the University of Cincinnati. She works regularly with area P-12 teachers, museum educators and local schools on collaborative projects involving university students. Lisa is a past- president of the Kentucky Art Education Association, which provides professional development opportunities for art educators at all levels. In addition, Lisa is a visual artist who has been exhibiting for over 20 years. Her work is included in many collections, including the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Artist Statement:
This work is based on questions: Can I use the past as a way to find a deeper place? Could my old drawings, some abandoned long ago, give me new insights?  My flat files were opened and I began to cut, redraw, paint and glue. Old work, spanning over twenty years, was transformed into meditations on my place in life now. Rather than resist my natural tendencies toward certain imagery (faces, text and circles) I let them be the guides. This served as a kind of circumambulation in the Jungian sense, in which an image is interpreted from many points of view. The process has given me some time to revisit old friends (as well as some adversaries) and to consider the future of my creative life.

Lou Kroner
Artist Statement:
I’ve spent thirty-seven years working with elementary students and with teachers in Miami University’s Ohio Writing Project. I noticed two parallels between preparing work for this show and the work of teaching and learning. 

In both settings, as in any creative venture, trust of the process is essential.  Neither artists nor teachers can hope to discover anything new with a preconceived product already in mind.

Both settings also require patience and imagination. In these pieces, I’ve used discarded, found, or repurposed materials.  Searching through piles of these unrelated materials for items that work together is not unlike building on the traits, habits, quirks, strengths and weaknesses of thirty individuals to create a class.

Joan Effertz
Artist Statement:
I am fascinated by the similarities and differences between people. These and the relationship between humanity and the earth form consistent themes throughout my work. As a child I lived and traveled throughout the United States and Europe, and thrived in an environment where diversity of ethnic, religious, cultural heritages and geography was the norm.  This exposure from an early age had a profound effect on my worldview.

I use the media and elements of art to create images that draw the viewer in, and use color and composition as a writer would use words. It is my wish that people who interact with my work consider the entire image – the meaning lies in the total aesthetic presentation. I provoke thought and action through questions about the nature of humanity and of our relationship to each other.  We have evolved here on the earth for a few thousand years.  What are we, and where are we going, and what are we doing?

Images from the Exhibit:





Fifty Houses


Four A&C Panels




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