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Ballard Borich
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Mr. Borich is the exception to the rule at Collector’s Art Group in that his training in the arts was non-traditional.  From an early age Mr. Borich associated himself with the art world and rapidly gained exposure to a wide variety of artistic disciplines from illustration to wildlife art.  In the end, however, Mr. Borich fell in love with an artistic style completely unrelated to those he was exposed to early in life.  His personal work can best be described as Neo-Dadaist.  Neo-Dada is exemplified by its use of modern materials, popular imagery, and absurdist contrast.  Importantly, Mr. Borich ties this school to a deep appreciation of materials and media of expression. Indeed, his appreciation of materials and the careful crafting of their applications have earned him great respect.  Jon J Muth, a noted illustrator, points to Mr. Borich as one of his two mentors and has dedicated Zen Shorts (A Caldecott Honor Book) to his honor.

Before joining Collector’s Art Group Mr. Borich worked for a number of fine art framing businesses and managed an art gallery. However, at Collector’s Art Group he is primarily involved with framing, frame design, art presentation, and custom finishes.  In these areas, his management and appreciation of materials and craftsmanship is apparent, and demonstrates the value of the artist’s touch.

Exhibitions of his work are detailed in the following section, but if you would like to see some of his work a link has been provided to his personal blog at the top of this page.  In this blog, a number of his pieces are showcased.

Exhibition Record:

1979 Ballard Borich – Arthur Fraude Gallery 1334 Broadway
1980 Before and After Contemporary Art Center
1980 Open Studio Exhibition 5th Floor Studios Building
1981 New Work Cincinnati Commission on the Arts
1983 Recent and Not So Recent Works Gallery 24 West
1986 New Directions A. B. Closson Jr. Co
1987 Featured Artist Mulane’s Parkside Cafe
1987 7 Artists A. B. Closson Jr. Co
1988 Auspicious Circumstance Book Published
1989 B & B School of Art and Philosophy Pulse Gallery
1989 New Magic Cincinnati Art Galleries
1992 Valentines Day Cincinnati Art Galleries
1992 Stars and Stripes Forever R. H. Love Contemporary
1995 A Larger Group of Smaller Paintings Wellage & Buxton
1996 Eleven Cincinnati Art Galleries
1997 Rica – Tyler – Ballard Kaldi’s
1997 Knuckle Dusters Base Art
2006 “Thank You” a group art show Krafthaus
2008 February 14…15 Years Later Collector’s Art Group
2009 “American Spirit” 2009 Cincinnati Art galleries


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